To begin with, not all roofs certify as a cool roof. Energy efficient roofing benefits from specific innovations and product properties that aren’t readily available in every kind of roofing material. Despite that fact, however, there are still a lot of cool roof items you can select from.

Cool Roofs – Readily Available In Several Materials & Colors

Cool roofing is available in several of the primary kinds of roofing products in the marketplace for residential houses. ENERGY STAR qualified roofing comes in metal, tile (concrete, ceramic and composite) and asphalt shingles. Metal tends to have the best reflectance worths making it a much better option from a performance viewpoint.

There’s also a reasonable variety of colors that you can select from too, which differs depending on the kind of roof product you choose. Fortunately here is that you’re not locked into picking extraordinarily light or white gray.

Because they usually have much better reflectance abilities, from a color viewpoint, you’ll most likely have a wider variety of options (consisting of some darker colors) among the metal roofing products. Some tile products likewise include a decent array of colors to select from.

If you have your heart set on asphalt shingles, there are still an unexpected number of color options available. There are some medium browns and grays if you choose a darker roofing system color. There aren’t any black or very dark gray colors in asphalt that satisfy cool roof certifications, at least at the time of this writing.

The Best Ways To Find Energy Efficient Roofing

There are some methods to discover cool roofing items. One good source is the ENERGY STAR roofing product websites which consist of connecting to either a PDF or MS Excel spreadsheet download that lists all the ENERGY STAR-qualified items.

The significant part of this list is that it’s typically kept up to date and consists of a precise quantity of details. The information included the producer’s name, the particular roofing item name (brand name and model), the type of product as well as the reflectance values and guarantee.

For example, if you’re looking for a cool tile roof, just download the list (utilizing the Excel format allows you to sort it to your taste), look for “tile” under the material classification and inspect out the items that qualify. From there you can pop the maker and product name into a search engine to learn more info consisting of where to buy the item.

The other method to find cool roofing is to check out the manufacturers that make the kind of roofing you’re interested in and see if they use energy efficient roofing. They’ll make a note of it on their site and in their item literature if they do offer it. Products are typically labeled with the ENERGY STAR logo.

Lastly, you can call regional roofing contractors in your area and ask precisely what they offer relative to energy efficient roof products. Just make sure you do your homework initially and understand the realities, so you’re in a position to ask excellent questions.